I’m Dahlia, the traveling designer.  Welcome to my world.  

As you’ll soon see, everything inspires me from fashion to music to… well, things that most people don’t notice until I tap them on the shoulder and say, “Hey, look at that!” 

But, my first love is interior design.  

It turns out that this passion (obsession?) for interior design combined with my need to keep moving and exploring (all day and all night for that matter) is the job of my dreams! That’s why I’m Dahlia the traveling designer.

But what is a traveling designer?  Well, if you want to get technical:


Traveling Designer [trav-uh-ling dih-zahy-ner] noun

  • An artist, Gypsy spirit, researcher of everything beautiful, who will almost go anywhere to track down (read: hunt ) the pieces that will help illustrate the story of YOU through interior design
  • A rare creature with champagne taste and an understanding for the beer pocket, with an insatiable appetite to create, beautify, and enhance.

Motto 1: Not Everything has to be expensive to be beautiful.

Motto 2: An interior that seems hopeless is the Travel Designer's best friend.


“Baby I was born this way…”

Even as a young child I was consumed with the idea of changing my surroundings to please different parts of my personality.  A poster here, a new light there, the bed in the closet...  It amazed me that as I rearranged my world, the same space could be different places, different emotions, and different times.

My friend’s rooms were fair game too… (Much to the occasional chagrin of their parents.  Sorry Mrs. G).   As I began to understand how to listen to another’s life and design for them… I was so inspired to see the world through different eyes and figure out how to help them feel represented, understood and truly at home… in their home.

It’s what I’ve always done.  And as my life evolves, I know it’s what I’ll always do… in some way or another.

And so… here we are in Dahlia’s Day.  My place of eclectic elegance.   

First of all, I’d like to be able to inspire you in here.  I am also available to work with you in a few different ways.  

Basically, I do it all when it comes to interior design.  Whether we need to start from scratch with a new construction, cast a modern spell on a vintage space or, simply track down the finishing touches at the end of a project.  My niche is finding the most incredible, unique and eclectically jaw dropping pieces to suit my clients taste.

And, I’m kinda like a mind reader with a relentless eye for detail.  As I get to know your unique spin on style, I can see each piece through your eyes… and tailor your room, home or work space to your specific wants and needs.  That’s the magic part, the Gd given part.  It’s the Dahlia twist.

You: “So that explains the designer part of Dahlia’s Day, but what about the traveling bit?”  

As an interior designer, I have to say that there is nothing better than actually touching and seeing a product in real time, with my own two eyes and/or hands.  But, over the years I have found that most clients don’t enjoy the searching and shopping process.  They don’t have the time or patience… we’ve all become avid online shoppers in our instant “click to buy” world.  

And isn’t that really why they’re hiring a designer?

Cue: Dahlia, The Traveling Designer, eclectically elegant, mind reader!

I have always, initially, worked best as a solo gatherer of inspiration.  It’s a thrill to go out into the wild (of Manhattan and other far off places) to track down various options for my clients to choose from.  It doesn’t have to be convenient or easy… for me, the hunt is half the fun!  Then, with your options before us, we imagine, philosophize and work together to make the best decisions for your needs in your space.

One more thing…

I don’t only work for myself and my clients.  I work alongside other designers as well… mostly because they know I’ll track down those hidden gems that will wow their own clients.  Sometimes in our fast paced, yet eternally connected world a designer will call me on Face Time to show me the space.  Once I understand the mission, I’m off and running.

I’m always on the move, always exploring and always discovering.


I’m Dahlia The Traveling Designer, and I want to help you illustrate the unique story of your life.