A Coach Classic

I have always been a fan of Coach, so let's start with that. However, just like with everything else, I am far more fond of anything that's vintage. That said, I love vintage Coach. The newer stuff out there these days is dare I say a lil cheesy and tacky (in my opinion). Why do they feel the need to glitter and sequin everything? Less is always more, especially on oversized bags people. This brings me to The Vintage Willis Station bag. This exudes class and sophistication. This leather gets better with time and old age.   The scratches and weathering make it more stunning. Buying an old Willis is cheaper, but there is a new one that Coach is making that isn't a bad price either. Find it here. You can buy one and start a journey to aging it all yourself, passing it down to your daughter and granddaughters. Who said Material things couldn't be sentimental:) Some of my most favorite and special things come from my mother and grandmother, I wear them with love for they have a significant meaning. Check out the pictures to see just how many things you can do with this beauty of a bag.