Gatsby is back

Ahhh the great gatsby. One of my favorite books of all time. A classic tragedy it was. Aside from the epic story itself gatsby has left an impact on the fashion world. Lets go back to the roaring twenties shall we? The flapper dress was everywhere and it was everything. Exquisite it was, and still is. When I saw the style coming back recently I was too excited. From beading to lace and even velvet-these dresses make you stop and look twice. All those fringes were made to make you dance, and boy did they dance. The headpieces as well were breathtaking pieces of art. The era was filled with extravagant parties and people were expected to dress the part, men included. Just check out the cars they arrived in! If you have never seen the movie with Robert Redford and Mia farrow- go get it now. Ill have to agree with my grandmother that Redford was quite the looker, a very dapper dresser with adorable hair (though someone has to break it to g-ma that he's not really her boyfriend). While the remake is coming out this month, I don't know if Leo Decaprio will be able to pull it off. (Regardless of how amazing he is) Why it was filmed in Australia and not the actual Gold Coast of Long Island is beyond me. Then again no one asked me! Anyway....hope these pics inspire you to get a little flappery next time you go out on the town;)

P.S. This post is dedicated to SonyaJ