It's all in the statement

  • Yes I know the necklace is all the rage these days, and i'm sure most of you are just plain tired of it. Most of the ones i've seen are super trendy and will be out of style and gone with the wind. But one thing holds true, a statement necklace is something that was always in fashion and always will be. There is something so beautiful about wearing a very simple outfit and throwing on an amazing necklace to top off the look. The colors out there these days are breathtaking. A favorite look of mine is all black clothing with a bright color necklace. Sometimes the opposite works just as well, a bright colored outfit with a big stunning black beaded or crystal necklace, ooo lala! It just works and takes very little effort. I know some of the ones we love are a bagillion bucks, but not all break the bank. I have found some of my best pieces at Lohmans and TJ Maxx, it's true! The occasional splurge happens, but common it happens to all of us:) One great way to find some of these is to head to a vintage flea market! Anything vintage is fab. Another amazing way of getting that neon necklace looks is to Do It Yourself! Buy a cheap crystal necklace and some neon nail polish and some tiny bristle paint brushes. Paint away! It's that simple, and i've done it and trust me its just as nice as the one's going for $500 and over. Check out some of these fantastic pictures...

Dannijo my love...simply amazing

Etsy stunner, this color gives any face life!

Etsy once again- tribal handmade beauty

Heidi Heidi Heidi-speaks for itself doncha think?

Hilary Rohda-part of the Dannijo Family she always wows in color

Once again Hilary with a million eyes on her neck

Natalie Portman perfect in a Dannijo twist

Only Olivia-always impressed

Leave it to Rachel Bilson a true stylist and icon. Love this look from head to toe. That necklace is one of a kind thats for sure.

Tom Binns knows how to mix colors in exquisite ways, too bad he's so expensive:(

Oh Tom why do you torture us?

My own-thanks to CC at Le Grand Strip!

My vinatage dress thanks to my amazing Bubby, and Dannijo for the Jewels!

Necklace i bought at forever21 and painted!