Playing Hooky

Hi friends:) Hope the Holiday season is treating you all well. I am going to take today to try to organize whoever needs help when it comes to accessories. With me for instance, i had so many necklaces and i had no where nice to put them. They would get tangled and gross. I barely saw what i had and when i wanted to wear something i simply couldn't because it was in a nasty knot! Anyway, i then saw a brilliant thing on an HGTV show. Someone took key holders and hung all their bracelets and necklaces...what an easy affordable solution! Not to mention can be a cool decorative touch to your room, provided you get nice hooks:) Quickly, i did what i saw (well after spending hours of detangling:) Wala! I had fixed my problem, and i was able to see all my awesome accessories on display every day. This idea also applies to bags. Just buy stronger, maybe bigger hooks...even knobs and hang away. If you dont have enough wall space for this, you can always put it on the inside of a closet door. To some this may be something thats been there done that, but i thought ide share anyway:) I posted a pic of what my hooks look like, and some other hooks you can find online.