Seeing Red

In the worlds of the ever so talented and whimsical Taylor Swift..."Darling it was red!"

Sometimes all you need is a good red shoe. The color red is a stimulant, and creates excitement in us all. A red accent immediately draws in attention. What is it about colors? They do something to us, our mind interprets them in an ever so fascinating way. Why are people more relaxed in a green room? Why is black the color of authority?...Red is the most emotionally intense color-it actually causes a faster heart beat and rapid breathing. It is said that one should not wear red in negotiations or confrontations. So maybe re-think that hot red suit for your next job interview:)

Why is the whole world crazed over christian louboutin's? Yes they are simply too beautiful for words, but its more than that. The red sole my friends, its the red sole. You're eye is just drawn to it.

Though i believe red should be worn, and loved. But as in decorating, it should remain an accent, don't let it take over. With outfits, its always in the details. Thus I bring you the red shoe. Mix it into any outfit and embrace the heck out of it. And always remember, it doesn't have to be pricy to be perfect.

From my own collection, Zara 

Another look at the Zara stunner

Another Schutz miracle "Fiona" heel

Zara, sadly sold out:(...just had to post so everyone can admire and remember.

Louboutin Tree:) 

With a touch of class..

Cardigan- Urban Outfitters
Striped Tee- J crew( its gone baby gone)
Pleated Skirt- American Apparel
Shoes- Zara TRF