A look for Less

So...although i love posting beautiful pictures for all of you to ooo and ahhhh at, there is more to this blog than that. I set out to help my fellow fashionistas realize that they can get a certain look on a cheaper budget. Sometimes all it takes is a little searching and determination:) I know many of you just don't have the time to search around so i offer my help:) There are so many stunning, super pricy designer outfits that you just want so badly. Trust me been there done that. Sometimes i splurge, but most of the time its just not worth it, ya know? You wouldn't believe how many amazing look a likes there are out there, and you too can accomplish that hot, fabulous look. A simple way of making a certain look appear richer than it actually is is by throwing in one slightly more pricy item. For example you may have a Kohl's dress on and some cheap (but chic) earrings...maybe throw on some nicer shoes, people would never think your dress was from Kohls. Then again i'm a little obsessed with Kohls these days, and why not? They have really stepped up their game bringing in designers like Lauren Conrad and Rock & Republic. Kudos Kohls!

An example of a pricy look that can be replicated into something just as trendy and not as devastating to your bank account.

So on the right you have the expensive look:

Top- Nicole Miller
Skirt- Malene Birger (ahhhh love her)
Shoe- Jeffrey Campbell "shoe with a view" (super obsessed with his stuff as well, duh)

On the left is the replicated look, which in my opinion is maybe even cooler...

Top- Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Skirt- Jcrew (on sale FYI)
Shoes- Dolce Vita