Pre Fall Preview

This years pre fall fashion is just as fabulous as always. Its fun to stare at and ogle over, knowing damn well most of us will never own any of it, well at least not in this lifetime. So I say to you, my fellow friends and fashionistas let these pictures not depress you into thinking oh I can never afford this and I will never be as skinny as those women so even if I could afford it I couldn't pull it off...let it do the opposite. let these pictures inspire the heck out of you. Realize that you can get these looks for much less (which I will show you in posts to come) and look just as hot as hell. The people in these pictures aren't real. Just know that. They are starved, photoshopped posers...When I look at and study these clothing I am inspired by the style, and the beauty of the clothes and all the details that go into it. Take that inspiration into just putting your fabulous self together a little more uniquely next time you go out, wherever that may be...



Jason Wu

Lela Rose

Roberto Cavalli

naeem khan

Michael Kors