Velvet For Less

This year has been all about the velvet. I think we all know why, it shouts luxury. Like all other designer pieces however, for most of us the prices are just too high. It's very nice to see these beautiful dresses on stunning tall models, but it's another thing to actually be able to wear them ourselves. At this point I would like to talk about consignment shops. I am a big fan of these, and I have been to many all over. Sometimes you find such incredible clothing there, for even more incredible prices. So I say to you, you can also afford these gorgeous gems you just have to be patient and know where to look. And just like with vintage pieces, this will also get you a unique one of a kind look that the next person just won't have. Don't we all just love that?:)
Just add some cobalt or emerald earrings to any of these dresses and you are good to go:)

The Pricy Ones...
Vintage Balenciaga

The one I found at "The Emperors Old Clothes" In Cedarhurst, NY...Thank you!