Williamsburg Shmilliamsburg

One of my all time favorite places. Walking the streets of Williamsburg one is met with people of all sorts. Hipsters mostly, tattooed, pierced, hairy, non hairy...you get the idea. Eclectic is the right word here. I do feel like a shrimp though, brushing past the tall beautiful women that seem to fill the streets, but thats ok;-) Don't expect to find a shop there with a typical name, because honey it's Williamsburg where the kitchen store is called "Whisk" and the music store is named "Ear Wax". I head there to my favorite vintage shop "Le Grand Strip" owned by the amazing CC Mcguire (who by the way is from the south of France, duh she's fabulous). There you find incredible one of a kind pieces from jewelry to hats and especially clothes. It's always a good time. When my sister in law and I decided we wanted to grab a good cup of joe we headed to Blue Bottle coffee. I'm convinced you have to be a souped-up hipster (aka super cool) to even get a job there. When we got the coffee (served only in vegan recycled cups, obviously) we headed over to the bar area to sweeten them. At which point we notice there was no sweetener in sight. I had a Toto we are not in Starbucks anymore moment and didn't know what to do. When I asked the guy in the back, who FYI had so many piercings I couldn't find his face, where I could find Splenda, he shot me a look of death. He informed me that they did not have Splenda and pointed to a syrupy mixture that didn't look too kosher to me. Regardless of all the coffee drama, the latte's were to die for and another day in Williamsburg bites the dust.