Save The Blogosphere

                    Fashion week really got me thinking. Walking through Lincoln Center seeing all the paparazzi snapping shots of everyone from A list celebrities to the funky street style nobodies. It's almost as if people go there in the most outlandish clothing just to be photographed. well not almost- it seems this has become truth. I am all for eclectic style, but at what point is it taken too far? When is genuine fashion sense and quality butchered? Suzy Menkes wrote an article in this past weeks New York Times Magazine ( Style Edition ) called "The Circus Of Fashion". She talks about what fashion has become in leu of Fashion week. In her eyes the focus is drawn away from the actual fashion itself and is made into a "look at me" type of situation, which is all wrong. Fashion and style is about the clothing and the way people make use of it, value it and immortalize it. But it has become this Show off phenomenon, especially during fashion week. She goes on to kind of put down fashion bloggers, and I get what she is saying. As a blogger myself I think she makes a good point. Blogs are amazing for all sorts of reasons. It gives a big voice to that small, timid person all the way in China. Which just goes to show the sheer amazingness of technology and all it has done for our world. But all too often it is taken too far. It has become more about the person writing the blog than about the clothing, fashion or design itself. She says "The fuss around the shows now seems as important as what goes on inside the carefully guarded tents." How true?! Everyone outside, as I witnessed myself, is competing trying to dress more "fashionable" than the next person to gain this and that photographers attention. People this is just not cool, in any sense. No one likes a show off. She goes on to finish her passionate rant saying that this new digital age has caused something to "be lost in the world". I think she makes excellent points and everyone should read this article and think about it for a bit.
What I took from fashion week, as I always do-is inspiration from the new styles. Don't be intimidated by the tall gorgeous, starving models dressed head to toe in designer brands. Feel empowered to find the most amazing look a likes and have fun doing so! Trust me they are out there just waiting to be discovered. Like I always say, it's not talent walking into Bergdorf Goodman and picking out an amazing outfit with an astronomical price tag. It is however talent to shop around and build a super similar look for a fraction of the price. Common people be thrifty. It's worth it and it feels good. The occasional splurge is necessary many times, but mix it up with something fun from Forever21. That one expensive piece makes the whole rest of the outfit look like a million dollars. Then again, ok I contradict myself, who cares what people think? Who cares how much it was? Rock what you love and that's it. You know when you look good and feel good, so embrace whatever it is you love to wear and maybe, just maybe you will catch some paparazzi's eye;)