Ok so I don't wear glasses, or lenses. Basically I got lucky. Though sometimes I still feel like I did when I was in the 7th grade when all I wanted was to have glasses like all my friends. However now I have matured and not want them because all the cool kids are doing it, only because it's just the cool thing to do. I will say now that I am much older that I actually lied on eye exams just to get those super cool frames, i'm sure many have pulled that shtick;) Though one may have thought that this would have actually ruined my eye sight so that I actually would need glasses, nope that never happened. Anyway I still enjoy the cool frames and so I never miss an opportunity to go with my mother (the queen of glasses) to get some new frames. This place we go is phenomenal and it's called SEE. There are a few locations throughout the city ( Florida and LA as well) Sometimes it's not all about the name brand. The beauty is in the art of these frames, they are so unique and off beat. I was actually about to get something with no prescription just for the fun of it but then I decided not to...maybe another day:)

Channeling Diane Keaton/ Annie Hall