A Green Weave?!

Two of my favorite things have come together. Green and gold. Well actually three of my favorite things, green gold and Anthropology. While yes most of the time their full priced items are a little much, it is way worth waiting until the sale...which always comes. I have ADD when it comes to getting things I have an obsession with right away, well also with everything else but whatever! Trust me though I have learned from experience it is worth the wait because just like Jcrew every single thing goes on sale 2 weeks later and you will kill yourself over that extra money spent. This particular belt I found at the Anthropology at my local mall, on sale of course. To me it is more of a piece of art and I want to display it in my closet and not just throw it in with the others...I love how green and gold go so beautifully and compliment each other so perfectly. I also love the detail of the weave. It's subtle yet gorgeous, adding that extra element making it so super unique.