Tone On Tone

Tired of wearing black with everything but not comfortable bringing in a ton of color? A tone on tone pattern is the perfect way to fix this dilemma. Both in fashion and Interior Design, this style allows so much to match with it without being too much going on. Black is so boring. So if you have that fun floral blouse and you are used to wearing it with a plain black skirt, try a tone on tone black polka dot skirt. It's all about the mix up when creating a one of a kind look that's truly yours. Another great idea would be a black skirt with a chevron pattern in velvet ( I am not sure if that even exists, but let me tell you-its does in my head:) that would also serve as a plain black skirt that would go with anything and anything. The tone on tone pattern just adds that little extra detail, but it goes a long way.