Spring Essentials

Let's say you could buy just two pieces this spring, don't you worry, I can help you out my friend. In my opinion the two most important things would be a great lightweight jacket and an amazing bold colored flat. For me I would chose a black and white jacket of some kind, whether its a very thin tweed or a houndstooth. you can't go wrong with black and white, that's the truth. It won't matter what else you have on underneath because the jacket and shoe will speak for itself. Don't be cheap on these pieces though because you just might ruin the whole look. More often than not if an item is cheap, it will look cheap. With staples it's more worth it to spend that little extra, and it will go a longer way. Trust me. Like I always say you don't have to spend a fortune on a whole outfit, majority of it can even be a bargain, but if you have that one expensive looking detail-your look is worth a million dollars.