Hey Miista!

Came across these bad boys today while strolling in humid, rainy NYC. There is this great little shoe store in the Upper West Side called "Tani". I have always loved this place for it's unique footwear. It is not too funky, but don't expect to walk out of there with something typical for your toes. These particular Miistas were calling my name, and loudly...it was clear to everyone in the store. I am not joking when I say they are magic. Once on my feet they amazingly picked up every single color I had on...from head to toe, literally my aqua nail polish was gleaming in its reflection. It was beautiful, a rainbow dancing on my feet. The price wasn't too bad either...I suggest next time you are in the mood to jazz up those funky feet head down (or I guess up, depending where you are:) to this great little store.