Stella Knows How

It's true, Stella McCartney just knows how to make a bag. Her falabella bags have been a fave of mine for quite some time now. Pricey yes, but worth it? Look everyone is different on what they think is "worth it" to spend on something, some people invest in shoes while others in each his own. For me this is a staple and I am sure some of you may think i'm nuts. The detail on these bags are incredible and timeless. To me they are the epitome of understated luxe. True they are not made of real leather, because of course Stella is vegan like the rest of the world these days, but who cares beauty is beauty. So for those of you who can't afford the real thing, or can but can't bring themselves to buy it know that there are other options...fake does't always have to be a bad thing (well in fashion anyway). Just rock it with confidence, that goes a long way.

The Real Deal...

Copy ( Though just as pleasing to the eye )