Be Different, Go Vintage

I am choosing to ignore the whole Fashion Week 2014 buzz right now. For now let's focus on timeless class and when we can't avoid it anyone we will talk about the latest trends hitting us this year. 
Lets talk weddings, lets talk fancy affairs...
Why do typical when it comes to gowns? Why not do something super unique yet still completely chic?
My friends I present you with the vintage answer. This is always a better choice and I will tell you why. Anything vintage is always more interesting. The story behind it, the detail that goes into it, basically its whole essence is special. maybe most importantly, you won't have to worry that anyone else will wear the same thing as you. Some of my favorite gowns are vintage finds, and to me they have an old romantic feel to them, I love that. So next time you have something to dress up for...think vintage.
Here is a gown that I stumbled upon and I decided to have fun and match some earring to it:) Can you picture it?
Last picture is me at a family affair in one of my favorite ever vintage finds.